Strategic Plan

We see thriving communities around the world sustaining their own people, economies, and environments nested within the greater natural system. The unique cultures of each community will be celebrated while sharing a healthy global perspective, preferably over a good local beer.  

Our mission is to strengthen the social, environmental, and economic partnerships of our community by creating locally-crafted artisan beers with a unique distribution and partnership model.
Ø  To be pioneers of the Community Supported Brewery business model
Ø  To be a premier craft brewery in the 7th Settlement Region, seacoast of New Hampshire
Ø  To be have 100% local supply of ingredients, not just locally brewed
Ø  To ideally reach a closed loop manufacturing and energy system
Ø  To create sustaining relationships with cooperative local businesses
Ø  To sponsor socially responsible events and promotions which enrich the community and environment
Ø  To promote the proliferation of the CSB model across the globe through consultation and sustainable business strategy development


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