Why Local

So, why do we think local is so important?
We love our friends, we love our community, and we love beer. We're striving to supply and produce our beer 100% local (sourced from within 150 miles of Dover, NH). We're not there yet, but you can help by just drinking a hand-crafted, great-tasting local brew. Now that doesn't sound so bad, does it?
Highest Quality, Best Taste- When you can walk into the fields of your ingredients you can control the quality which in turn improves the taste. And that's why we drink the beers we do...hmmmm.
Environmental Impact- Your average meal comes from over 1500 miles away! With our national dependence on foreign oil and the carbon footprint of food/beverage transportation we know we can do something about that!
The Other Green- Money is always fun isn't it? If you spend more money locally more money stays local; and if you live locally (where you are) than you benefit. Huh, sounds like a crazy idea. 
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