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So, want to support our brewery, our local economy, our earth, and your fun lifestyle? 
CSB Shares

  1. Purchase your share, either a half (48 bomber bottles) or full (96 bomber bottles).
  2. Come to your designated location each month to pick up your brew (8 bomber bottles per month)!
  3. Return your bottles each month for a bottle refund at the end of your share year ($1 per bottle!*)

So how much does it cost?
$580 per full share of 96 bottles
-$96 refund if all bottles are returned at end of share season
So, our hand-crafted, local brew only costs you $5.04 per bomber bottle!
What other benefits do I get?
Supporting your local economy- for every $1 you spend locally, an average of 25 cents gets recirculated. If everyone purchased their goods and services locally you would see at least a 25% increase in the Dover and New Hampshire Seacoast economy. Go us!
Supporting your environment- we're dedicated to sustainable business practices, from water conservation to striving for a cradle to cradle closed-loop, no-waste production model we'll keep you informed with our transparent business model right here on our website and in our newsletter!
Supporting your community- we believe that beer is a wonderful catalyst for friendly gatherings with good conversation that creates those crazy, brilliant ideas (like starting a CSB) that can change the world.  We love our lifestyle, why shouldn't you! 
Sustainability Report
*only 7th Settlement Brewery bottles accepted

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