L3C Incorporation

We need your opinion!
We're considering changing our incorporation to an L3C.  This is like an LLC but has low profit, social and ecological responsibility written into the articles of incorporation.  A great option for us.  Unfortunately, this is not offered in the State of NH.  So, we can incorporate in Vermont and do business in New Hampshire.  The negative to this is obviously that it is not local.  
However, could it be an effective political statement to say that we want to start a local and sustainable community oriented business but New Hampshire's current legislation does nothing to support or promote this?
What are your thoughts?


Incorporate locally

Interesting idea, and I'd like to see the L3C, as you explained it, adopted in New Hampshire. Is there any reason why you can't choose to operate as a low-profit, socially and ecologically responsible LLC under New Hampshire's LLC laws?
If the only major benefit of incoroprating as an L3C in Vermont is to make a statement, I'd personally rather see you guys incorporate locally in New Hampshire, operate socially and ecologically responsibly, and talk to your legislator about getting L3C-type laws in New Hampshire next year.
Obviously, it's your business and up to you guys, and as much as I appreciate the concern for an L3C incorporation, I like the idea of being incorporated in and legally based in the community where you're doing business.

Time to change legislation...

This morning, in more research in the LC3 model, it makes too much sense for some organizations to adapt a new model.  Ours (currently a 501c(3) in Keene, NH (The STARVING ARTIST) being one. We want to do this in our home state as well.  Perhaps we can exchange thought and make some committed voices heard in this arena.  I know there are more thinking the same thing. Good luck and I am sure we will meet up down the road... 

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