hospitality included FAQ

Why is 7th Settlement eliminating tipping?

We want every employee to be fairly paid. Each plays a significant and equal role in our success. We believe taking care of our employees first is the best way to take care of you, our guest. We want a career at 7th Settlement to be sustainable and with a focus on creating the best outcomes for everyone.

Why is eliminating tipping the solution?

To create the best experience for our guests, impact our community the most, and create an organization that thrives, we need teamwork. Teamwork is only fostered through an egalitarian and conscious approach to management. On a more logistical and legal standpoint, tipping is a burdensome and regulated form of compensation and cooks and kitchen staff in New Hampshire are legally excluded from sharing in tips. The wage disparity created by this does not commensurately benefit all employees involved in creating our guest experience. At 7th Settlement we pride ourselves in leading the revitalization of craft beer, local sourcing, and scratch cookery at an accessibly priced and community level scale. In the same light we hope we can be leaders in our region creating socially conscious and active restaurants changing the norm of how the industry operates.

Will 7th Settlement need to raise menu prices? By how much?

The quick answer is yes. However, we are just including your entire dining experience in the menu cost. We are no longer asking you, our guest, to determine the wages of our servers. You can expect to see a very similar cost of the entire experience, just simpler. You will be discouraged from leaving cash tips and will not have a tip line on your bill. This also eliminates any awkward interactions regarding the tipping process.

Will 7th Settlement servers make less money under the new system?

No. We have created a revenue share program that promotes the best experience for our servers and guests while valuing the team contribution to the financial resilience of our entire organization. We expect most servers will see improvements not only in compensation, but a balance in their lives.

How will 7th Settlement keep its servers motivated without the promise of tips?

If you think back to your experiences at 7th Settlement you’ll probably agree that we do our best to hire servers that love hospitality and taking care of people. We know Hospitality Included will allow our entire team to create even better guest experiences without the pressures of the tipping system.

How can guests give feedback now, and what if service is unsatisfactory?

As a community-focused brewery and restaurant we always hope for open communication with our guests. Please speak with a manager or another team member with any concerns and we will do our best to resolve immediately. Please also feel free to email Dave anytime at with any questions, comments, or concerns.