As a farm to table restaurant, we work with over 65 farms and fishermen throughout New England to provide as much locally-sourced food as possible. In insulating our small home-grown economy and gasto-economy, we not only bring nutrition to our guests, we support a community of mindful diners, drinkers, brewers, growers and citizens. 7th Settlement aims to educate our community with the farm to table philosophy. We believe you should know who grows your food To us, farm to table is just common sense.


The 7th Settlement kitchen is a place where great local products are our daily inspiration. We have the amazing opportunity to work with many of the best farms around, allowing us to creatively highlight ingredients at the peak of their flavor. Our staff is a great mix of talent, heart and knowledge—a tight-knit teams of like-minded people who relish the chance to ply their skills based on what the local farmers and fishermen produce. We strive daily to achieve new levels of flavor and craft some of the best pub fare around.


It’s a challenge in and of itself to create a novel menu nowadays and being a sustainable scratch kitchen is far from free of hardships. But we all look forward to learning new techniques and teaching each other about food on a daily basis. It is the challenge of creating consistently unforgettable food that fuels our kitchen to cook well and cook better.


Each member of our team has the chance to learn how to process whole animals and seafood, as well as learn how to bake breads and desserts. We also get to work with a wonderful variety of local and heirloom vegetables, legumes and fungi, along with herbs and other foraged items.


What is perhaps most rewarding about the 7th Settlement farm to table kitchen is that we can feel good about using local ingredients and supporting our local farmers and fisherman. Our goal is to be as supportive as possible to the people who support us. As chefs and culinarians, 7th Settlement provides an opportunity not often seen in this industry. Each team member is grateful for the opportunity to be so involved with the community and food that surrounds us.

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