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Don’t buy beer from strangers.

Our mission is to collaborate with the best of our community. We seek to cross the paths of farmers, brewers and culinarians - the brightest people and ideas. Such support creates not only scratch farm to table fare and craft brews, but local enrichment and insulation good for ground and town.

7th Settlement Brewery is named for our home—Dover, New Hampshire—the oldest permanent settlement in New Hampshire, and 7th in the New World.

We are a community-supported farm to table brewpub. But that’s just the short version. 7th Settlement is so much more.

At 7th Settlement you have the unique opportunity to enjoy unique craft beer brewed right in house—passionately crafted draughts that travel just 41 feet from tank to tap.

You have an all too uncommon selection of locally-sourced artisan cuisine, made in house by our passionate and talented chefs.

You have an invested, informed staff of servers and bartenders eager to answer question, give suggestions, and share the 7th Settlement community.

Co-owners Dave and Josh

But beyond a brewery, beyond a restaurant, 7th Settlement is a culture. We represent New Englanders, New Hampshireites and Doverites—the farmers, brewers, business owners, students and community activists. We embrace the history of our home to ensure its fruitful future. 7th Settlement Brewery seeks not only to provide delicious, masterfully-crafted beer and food, but to encourage local sustainability through community support and education.

So pay us a visit, tour the brewery, become a Settler. And Don’t buy beer from strangers!