buy tickets to the harvest dinner!

Join us at the brewery on Thursday, November 3rd for the New England Harvest Dinner! This four-course meal includes beer pairings from Neighborhood Beer Co. and 7th Settlement Brewery as well as farm to table ingredients from Two Toad… Read More

10 Must Stock Bottles for the Perfect Home Bar

10 Essential Bottles For Your Home Bar For many, having a well-stocked home bar is a badge of honor. The liquor you serve can say a lot about you. And sure, some may call it a frivolous affectation. But… Read More

Farm-to-Table Restaurants: Good for Ground, Town and Diet

With the prevalence of GMOs, super large-scale farming and the complete inundation of herbicides and pesticides, mindful diners and restauranteurs alike are taking good food into their own hands. After its conception on the west coast in the early 1970s,… Read More

7 Questions You Should Ask Your Beer

How much do you really know about the beer you drink? And why does it really matter? Probably a little and a lot, respectively. Mindful consumption, while on the rise, is far too low. The question at hand… Read More