At 7th Settlement you have the unique opportunity to drink from NH’s First Cooperative Brewery, two breweries in one place.  We have teamed up with our sister Brewery, One Love.  This partnership is ideal for efficient brewing, lots of fresh ideas, and more diverse styles of beers.

Beers listed are not necessarily on tap, please contact us for up to date beers. Don’t Forget Ferkin Fridays!

1623- Settlement Imperial Brown Ale- 7.2% Like the first settlers in what would become Dover, NH, this sweet well balanced Brown Ale finds it’s roots from England, but is truly American. The oldest continuous settlement in NH and the 7th non-indigenous settlement in America, we’re proud to present this classically smooth brown ale. It’s our flagship staple, year-round and reliable beer.

Inka Binka- An American Oatmeal Stout- This classic, full-bodied dark beer is all about being American! Its bold coffee like roasted malts and sweet chocolate and toffee-like flavors are dominating followed by the signature flavor tones of the classic American Cascade hop.

The Low Down: Unfiltered and unpasteurized, Original Starting Gravity: 13°P, Color SRM 36, Bitterness (IBU) 28

1896- Cochecho Winter Wheat- We start brewing this delicate winter wheat ale in the spring, same time as the flood of the Cochecho River, to enjoy on a nice warm day after the cold of winter is behind us. From the oldest continuous settlement in New Hampshire, and the 7th non-indigenous settlement in America we present this unique ale brewed with local ingredients for all people to enjoy!

Unzt Untz Untz- “Kölsch style”- Untz Untz Untz is our version of Kölsch Bier, from the famous German brewing city of Cologne. This local specialty beer style is protected by law and cannot be legally called a Kölsch, outside of the city of Cologne, much like Champagne cannot be used for sparkling wine made outside the Champagne region of France. It is light gold in color with a light body. Light tones of fruity-easts and pear arise from the finishing hops. Brewed with just the right touch of wheat malt, this beer will leave a clean finish with low bitterness.

The Low Down: Unfiltered and unpasteurized, Original Starting Gravity: 12,

Harvest Festival- The Harvest Festival is brewed to celebrate the fact we live in this very special place of New Hampshire. This stretch of seacoast is one of our best-kept secrets. We brew this special beer once a year to give thanks for all that we have in our front yard and at our backdoor. It’s a beer to thank the summer for all her gifts and welcome in the fall with its changing colors sparkling off our clear waters. We think about when we can get that one last boat paddle in, and wonder when we will have to put our gardens to sleep. This beer was made to give thanks for a great year and to look ahead to an even better one next year. Please raise your glass to the sky and give the higher spirits a nod of thanks. Cheers to her and cheers to you! Rich flavor of toasted biscuit, not sweet malt, with a French bread like forward malt character. This is garnet red in color, low to medium hop bitterness with low finishing hop, best had around a campfire with a blanket over your shoulders.

The Low Down: Unfiltered and unpasteurized, Original Starting Gravity: 13°P, Color SRM 12.4, Bitterness (IBU) 24

Root Beer- One Love Brewery’s Urban Roots Root Beer is a large, full flavored Olde Fashioned Root Beer hand made in our fire brewed custom made brewery. It’s made with Fair Trade white and brown cane sugars, for a better flavor and mouth feel, not that high fructose corn syrup stuff like the other guys use. Order it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a great treat.